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     I rarely play "live" anymore, but of course I still write, produce & record. After doing this for so many years (hopefully well), I now have a rather large catalog of music, some songs I am truly proud of and some not so much...(the "junk" I would always erase and yes, there was always inevitable music-trash). Here is just a sampling from the nearly one hundred songs in my music catalog.

    Here is my latest offering; Anthology Vol. 1. This is a taste of my work from the 90's, into the 2k's - including a few new tunes from this past year........
    A few years back there was a very cool radio show called the PSYCHEDELIC DETACHED GARAGE. The creator and host George Cannon put together an mix of late 60's ​ "different" tracks from a wide variety of artists, some obscure but most being some of the biggest names in Rock history.
    George came across my single "The Monster" and played the track numerous times on many shows.​
    This was a great and different show that sadly is no longer aired.
     Below is a sample​ of one of the numerous times "The Monster" was included in the show...........
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The Monster (single)